Digital Enablement & Transformation

Going digital is a matter of “when”, not “if” in the digital age. As your trusted partner, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to the process. How do we make sure this is done the right way? By conducting a comprehensive cloud computing examination. This includes networks and infrastructure, as well as applications and processes.

Follow us to discover more about the principles of Digital Transformation.

Let’s begin with the three building blocks that ensure your cloud-based solutions meet your most desired business requirements:

Scalable Infrastructure e.g. public cloud and hybrid cloud models


A reliable, fast connection and network

Digital Transformation Triangle

As business models are constantly triggered to be fundamentally modified, it is a matter of consistent realignment or even reinvention of the way your company thinks and acts. How can we be of help in this context? We take into account how you develop and market your products, how you manage your customer experience and how you enable your employees to actively shape the company's transformation process. Discover our three-pronged approach designed to support you in charting out a comprehensive digital strategy overlooking all of your crucial business priorities.

With the wide range of solutions currently in the market and constant technological development, it is crucial to keep an eye on what is relevant to you. When modeling technology solutions to fit your digital transformation strategy, we unleash the true potential of Technology tailored to your needs.

End-to-end cloud migration framework

It is designed to make sure you receive the most suitable solution for your digital transformation journey. It reflects the holistic approach and guides you into and through the digital age. It gives a structure to all aspects of the process from the discovery stage all the way to managing your transformed operations.


Cloud readiness assessment

We will assess your existing infrastructure and make a plan to migrate your business with the possible solutions:
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Application assessment
  • Preparation of the Cloud Governance Concept

Partly move to cloud

Different services have different requirements. We will make sure that we identify the best possible solution for your business by creating:
  • Proof of concept with selected services
  • Strategy for:
    • hybrid scenarios
    • complete migration
    • specific workloads

Migration to the cloud

Once the best possible solution is perfected, we effectively transition your business to the cloud with a range of modern and standard tools, services and cloud expertise

Cloud management

By providing the new technology, Digital and Cloud Services offers fully managed services including:
  • End-to-end monitoring and Business commitment (SLA’s)
  • Single point of accountability for the network, applications and infrastructure
  • Cloud Adoption in a Cloud Governance Framework aligned with business goals and strategy

Our migration methodology

This journey needs a map – although digital transformation usually entails realigning processes and implementing new technologies, it is not where it ends. It is also about designing better engagement methods that resonate with your customers, while adopting the most effective technology at optimized costs. Only if all this comes together, you have a roadmap to success.

Discover & Assess

A good migration strategy begins with a careful analysis of the benefits that the cloud brings. First, you should examine the current state of your hardware and software infrastructure, application by application. Does it meet availability, security and performance requirements? Is it flexible enough for your business? Does the current inhouse operation come with significant issues or costs? Based on your findings, think about how your hardware, platforms and/or applications will benefit from migrating to the cloud.

Kick Off Meeting

Understand business drivers & identify key components

Define roles and responsibilities

Access current environment (Compute, Network, Application & Storage)

Identify risks, dependencies and constraints

Inventory and data analysis for next phase

Prioritize, Plan & Design

It may not be the best idea to begin a cloud experience with a mission-critical application. Start with simple one-to-one migrations before progressing to more transformational projects. Once you prioritize accordingly, we can begin to plan and design in line with the following steps:

Template finalization for Application, Infrastructure

High Level architecture design

Migration Strategy, Risk & Migration and Deployment Plan

Target Environment Readiness review

Prepare communication plan

Prepare rollback plan

Execute & Migrate

The next important thing to consider is migration. It is a lengthy and complicated process but we can facilitate it with the right methodology. Once you decide on the applications you wish to move to the cloud, you also need to consider the potential risks involved. We then establish the right deployment path and architecture as the key part of the process. Only such comprehensive approach ensures smooth migration to the cloud, without compromising your applications’ performance:

Build Infrastructure

Connectivity between On-Premise & Cloud

Implement Components /services

Migrate identified workloads

Test Migrated workloads

Fix and Remediate Migration Issues


You now have your migration completed, but what support can you expect post Go Live? To ensure you are able to embrace the cloud rapidly and efficiently, we offer a unique client-centric approach. As a cloud-enabled organization, you can now benefit from a new revenue stream through disruptive cloud patterns and benefits. Your new innovative solutions will drive rapid business value.

Go Live

Managed services 24/7

Knowledge Transfer

Regular reporting of migrated servers, Update CMDB

Project Status update

Why should you choose to work with us?

We care about your business and we want to help you accelerate it. We prepare you for tomorrow - today.

Rich Industry Experience and Tools
  • End-to-end service from infrastructure to business processes
  • Single vendor from connectivity, on-premise solutions to the cloud
  • Operation support 24/7, industry leading SLA guarantee on multi-tenant infrastructure
One Stop Shop
  • Industry and vertical specific solutions
  • Focused hybrid cloud approach and expertise
  • High-end tools & framework for best-in-class service
Robust Partner Ecosystem
  • Seamless move to best-in-class cloud provider
  • Institutional knowledge of public cloud constructs & architecture vs. existing on-premise architecture
  • Registered Tier 1 cloud service provider Microsoft Azure with the capability to manage end-to-end customer lifecycle

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