Special Solutions & Value-added Services

Enable your business to be even more agile, efficient and secure through our value-added solutions. Unleash the potential that cloud solutions bring along by involving real-time data analysis, machine learning/artificial intelligence, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of plants & machines, supply chain management, warehouse logistics & intralogistics and transparency of work processes.

M2M / IoT Solutions
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Data & Analytics
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SAP to Cloud
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Application Development
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M2M / IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things bears a huge growth opportunity for your industry. Thanks to the IoT technology you will significantly reduce your infrastructure costs and organize media access. Others have already started leveraging Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other disruptive technologies, now you can find out how you can incorporate it all into your digital transformation strategy.

What is in it for you?

Intelligent machines, storage systems, and operating resources present great opportunities for optimized productivity at lower cost. The Internet of Things enables you to make your product portfolio more flexible and the production processes faster. This, however, requires both the appropriate infrastructure and detailed process knowledge. This is where we come in.

We impact key areas of your business through:

  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Operational efficiency
  • E-imagined services ecosystem of your company based on real-time risk information generated by ‘smart’ homes, machines and devices
  • Competitive advantages and higher profits for your business by leveraging Smart Assets
  • Improved insights and forecasts through advanced analytics, with technology-enabled and automated connectivity & intelligence

Within our European organization we can also provide:

Certified devices

Together with our partners, we offer certified hardware individually tailored to you needs

Global connectivity

Benefit from Deutsche Telekom's best infrastructure for your IoT projects

Managed IoT Platforms

Use the best IoT service platforms for central management of your devices and SIM cards

Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights thanks to Big Data with intelligent filtering and linking of your data using numerous cloud-based tools

What will we deliver?

We provide you with fast, scalable access to the Internet of Things through key areas

IoT Consulting

By providing you with valuable insights, we set you off on your cloud journey properly equipped: we facilitate roadmap creation, domain-based Value Stream Mapping, Business Case Preparation, Use Case Definition, Solution Blueprinting, Business KPIs and ROI Mapping.

Integration & Implementation

You can rely on end-to-end solutions, from sensor / equipment integration & M2M Communication, to Business Intelligence Integration. We leverage partner products /platforms and our domain expertise.

Analytics & Insights

Based on applied analytics, you will be able to generate actionable insights to drive process and productivity optimization.

Standardization & Transformation

We will align you with Global Standards, establish Reference Architecture, Security Standards & Compliance for Brownfield & Greenfield projects. Transform to the next level of IT-OT convergence through Enterprise Data Analysis and Visualization, Virtual Factory Environment Setup, Mobile and Augmented Reality.


ICS Vulnerability Assessment, defining the Future State, Zoning and Separation of Networks, Audits and Assessments, Awareness Sessions, Sustenance – Managed Services, Incident Response & Recovery Risk Assessment, and Risk-based Compliance.

Niche Services

We bring diverse domain expertise, multi-technology / platform & product expertise, innovation and CoE. Through this, we develop, enhance & support platform agnostic IoT solutions and experience. We also bring extended Lab for Fail-Fast and Rapid Discovery PoC approach for value discovery.

Digital Twins

Visualize, predict and optimize asset operations through true physical-digital convergence & achieve faster ROI.

Data & Analytics

Along with unprecedented volumes of data available to enterprises today comes a challenge of processing, analyzing and driving insights from it. Big Data, Data Science, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence or Automation capabilities are all there to support this.

What is in it for you?

We offer to enhance your business outcomes through Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation. How exactly can you benefit from it?

  • Automation supports reducing work volume, so you have less to process.
  • The latest technologies and agile approach accelerate implementation, so you can work faster.
  • Proprietary and domain-specific solutions & accelerators enable you to deliver more.
  • Mosaic fast-tracks business process transformation to work better.

As a result, you can expect:

Cost reduction and quality assurance in data collection

Data acquisition and lossless compression on site

Greater flexibility and data processing around 40 times faster

Security and efficiency in the operation of the big data infrastructure

What will we deliver?

Wondering how you can incorporate those into your digital transformation strategy? We help you strengthen your data mechanisms with the power of advanced technologies. It improves your data quality giving you actionable insights. Based on those, you can create a profitable data strategy and make impactful decisions. Let’s accelerate your ROI journey.

  • Strategy & Consulting Services
  • Data Management & Integration Services
  • Reporting and Data Visualization Services
  • Analytics-as-a-Service
  • Maintenance & Support Services
  • Add-on services (such as additional on call support, Data Modelling Services etc.)

SAP to Cloud

Legacy SAP solutions are no longer fit for today’s business reality. There are too many manual processes to it, integration of multiple legacy systems is difficult and time consuming, not to mention on-premise infrastructure that becomes more expensive with time. We have a solution for you - discover the power of SAP on Cloud. SAP and Microsoft form a trusted partnership for your intelligent enterprise journey.

What is in it for you?

One of the biggest benefits of migrating your SAP environment to the cloud is the analytical capability of Azure. This value-added solution gives your managers the option to view real-time reports on consumer sentiment, consumer demand forecasts, product mix optimization, and more. Expensive over-capacity becomes a thing of the past, and the scale of the cloud drives costs down over time.

A Flexible Way to Manage Costs

Improved Security

Enhanced Data Analytics

Reliability and Recovery

Limitless Capacity

A Better Experience With SAP on Azure

What will we deliver?

You can benefit from leveraging Intelligent Technologies enabled by S/4HANA-based Solutions:

  • Intelligent Asset Management: Preventive/Predictive Maintenance leveraging the IOT/SAP Leonardo platform
  • Smart Supply Chain: Supply Chain Transformation leveraging Blockchain
  • Inventory Optimization: Instant insights regarding inventories for better decision-making
  • Finance of the Future: Financial Compliance for the Leasing Manage leases in S/4HANA On-Premise and On-Cloud
  • Intelligent EC&O: Industry solution powered by the S/4HANA, SAP Cloud, and Leonardo Platforms
  • Project Pay Chain: Intelligent payment solution for project-based services

We will work with you on this transition step-by-step:


A commercial assessment of the migration, infrastructure, and service costs associated with the transition


A technical assessment of current systems and architecture


A comprehensive proposal for a new SAP


Personalized SAP on Azure workshops


Delivery of solution


Post-delivery support


Cloud-based Blockchain allows companies to launch projects in an environment that is agile, efficient, and secure. The technology we offer helps you store digital records in a secure and auditable manner, enabling a speedy, safe, and cost-effective transfer of assets.

Instead of investing in your own hardware and software resources, you can move towards Blockchain-as-a-Service. How to make your Blockchain project a success? You need a platform, but also proper know-how to turn it into profit. We know how to guide you through this process.

What is in it for you?

  • High level of security and trust - we help you make peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions faster, more secure and transparent thus reducing fraud risk
  • Boosted ROI of IoT-related investments thanks to Blockchain - this can be achieved in a number of industries: oil & gas, retail, and manufacturing
  • Accelerated time-to-market through the rapid prototyping and agile development approach. We also leverage our strategic partnerships with leading enterprises and academic institutions
  • Very short lead time for commissioning your own Blockchains
  • Low costs - if only transaction or resource costs are incurred, no investment in Blockchain-specific systems or network experts needed

What will we deliver?

We identify and pilot different use cases through collaboration with clients. Our Rapid Prototyping approach shortens the time to work across those cases. It also drives the desired results faster. At the end of this iterative cycle, we deliver a detailed report, facilitating strategic decision-making on cloud-based Blockchain implementation.

Innovation Lab

We identify and pilot different use cases in collaboration with you. We then work with the use cases as per our Rapid Prototyping approach. It optimizes the process and helps us achieve meaningful results faster. At the end of this iterative cycle, we deliver a detailed report highlighting the outcomes. It facilitates strategic decision-making on cloud-based Blockchain implementation.

Integration & Implementation

We provide tailored solutions to our clients through partnership with leading players in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, such as Blockchain). As part of our alliances, we focus on DLT implementation first, in order to then focus on areas such as payments and enterprise integration.

Consulting and Advice

Our consulting team will work with you through their expertise and skillsets. We offer workshops aimed at introducing the technology and identifying use cases relevant to you. We partner with you at the strategic level guiding you through the adoption, execution, and implementation phases of the process.

Application Development

Digitized businesses show increased focus on on-demand services and they tend to launch enterprise applications rapidly. How can you reduce time-to-market in your enterprise? By exploring technologies such as DevOps that help significantly shorten application development timelines. We also offer application modernization, upgrades and professional services for your legacy IT, which you may not be able to transfer to the cloud.

What is in it for you?

We help companies rapidly launch and manage connected and intelligent applications, which provide a superior user experience, while reducing costs.

Launch small test projects

Be the first on the market to try out new and innovative business applications

Significant cost savings for IT investments, IT operations, and licenses

What will we deliver?

Depending on your business infrastructure and environment, we offer to leverage relevant tools and accelerators, such as the DevOps Portal – an Integrated Portal for DevOps Assessment, Environment Provisioning, Project Onboarding, ALM Governance and many more (30+ tools and accelerators).

What else is in our offer?

  • Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services, which focus on swift development, testing, deployment and management of high-quality software
  • Application Management Services to maintain and upgrade apps
  • System Integration and Augmentation Services which can significantly reduce IT complexity and maximize your ROI
  • Custom Solution Implementation
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Enterprise Application Integration & Data Transformation

Sounds interesting?

Let’s meet, talk and find the right solutions for your business.