Microsoft Azure Services

Meet Microsoft Azure. As part of the Microsoft Azure Services we assess, migrate and manage all the IaaS and PaaS solutions. We offer you a solution which decreases costs, increases security, boosts your productivity, and gives you global reach with local presence.

Interested in what migration options there are for your workloads? What Managed Services we have in store? Join us in exploring our Services for Microsoft Azure.

Azure Migration /
Migration of workloads
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Managed Service for Azure
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IP and IP Co-Sell
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Azure Migration / Migration of workloads

We help move virtual and physical assets to the cloud, as well as between clouds. When it comes to the migration of workloads, our team of dedicated Cloud Experts helps lift server workloads directly from your existing environments and deploy them into a new environment. Concerned about the security of your data? No need, we maintain the security of your business at all times throughout the process.

Your applications can be migrated in several ways depending on your business drivers and migration target:

Retire: Discard Application
Replace: Use new packaged application on new lower TCO platform
Rehost: Keep application but move to new lower TCO platform
Retain: Keep application but enhance with new platform capabilities
Rewrite: Recode application to use new platform capabilities

We use the dedicated MigXpress Toolset for the Migration – a Cloud migration suite that includes migration toolkits and provides migration templates and blueprints for Cloud migration.

What is in it for you?

Azure Cloud design optimized for your workloads

No business disruption

Advice on how you can fix the apps that are not Cloud-ready

Post-migration HyperCare for 2 weeks to address teething issues

What will we deliver?

  • Azure Migrations Assessment incl. Feasibility Analysis
  • Migration Plan incl. Move Groups and Sequence
  • Azure infrastructure design and set up incl. pilot migrations
  • Migration of workloads to Azure as per the plan
  • Configuration of the back-up and recovery solution
  • Validation of environment, applications, data and security
  • HyperCare
  • Handover to client’s IT team & Documentation

Managed Service for Azure

Once the migration process is completed, we are still your trusted partner as you want to ensure you take the most out of your Microsoft Azure Services. We provide 24/7 managed support, as well as a native Azure monitoring toolset. All this will help ensure your newly acquired Cloud-based environment is secure, optimized and cost-effective.

What is in it for you?

Enables you to focus on Business and not IT

Cost-optimized Azure environment

Pro-active and fast identification of issues and resolution

Lower cost of operations

We take the headache off of coordinating with Microsoft to resolve any issues

What will we deliver?

We have a range of market leading tools in place supported by our Experts for the monitoring and management of your Azure environment:

  • Assessment tools scanning the application and infrastructure landscape
  • Tools for continuous monitoring and optimization of the cost of Azure operations
  • Converged tools for data engineering, advanced analytics, automation, and much more

… and we commit to deliverables that cover your business needs:

  • Managed Support 24/7 with defined SLAs for the resolution of incidents
  • Monitoring and operations of all Assets such as Server, Compute, Storage network, Security, Applications and Databases
  • Extensive analytics of the consumption and optimization potential
  • Add-on Services such as Managed Back-up, Data Recovery, and Security

IP and IP Co-Sell'

An IP Co-Sell ready solution is a commercially available, packaged, third-party solution with more than 50 percent repeatable IP code on Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Dynamics. These are “app-like” solutions that have undergone an additional technical review to qualify for the co-sell status.

How will we work with you?

We cooperate based on one of the three packages we have developed. Each of them accommodates a different scope of services required. Choose either the Silver or Gold package depending on your specific situation. You can also buy add-on services to accommodate additional needs.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s meet, talk and find the right solutions for your business.