Assessment Services

Digital & Cloud Services help you evaluate the cloud as part of your IT strategy. Our services enable you to identify which infrastructure, platform or applications can be moved to the cloud. With our vendor agnostic approach, we will also guide you through which operating models, processes, and technologies are the most relevant to you.

As a result, our Assessment Services bring efficiency & accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

Infrastructure Assessment
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Application Assessment
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Preparation of the Cloud Governance Concept
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Infrastructure Assessment

Building and maintaining infrastructure which your business systems rely on usually means time and money. Now imagine you can spend it on value-adding activities, which could be a real game-changer for your business. How can you achieve that? By moving your infrastructure to the Cloud with us – a public, private or hybrid solution is there to explore. Choose modern cloud solutions, which enable you to reduce costs, improve your data security and your staff’s productivity.

What is in it for you?

Let us help you assess your infrastructure…

Discover what has been deployed in your environment

Analyze whether your applications can be moved to the Cloud

Understand application performance and optimization needs

Know the recommended cloud deployment model

Take an informed decision based on cost-benefit analysis

What will we deliver?

…and chose the right solution tailored to match your needs.

  • AS IS Detailed Inventory including technology stack details (OS, CPU, RAM, Storage, DB etc.)
  • Inventory Analysis for Optimization
  • Network Flow Analysis – Traffic Flow and Ports communication
  • Target Architecture at Azure for the file and application servers including detailed rationale for selection:
    • High-level Infrastructure Architecture (include infra sizing based on performance metrics)
    • Recommendations on tools to be used in target environment

Application Assessment

Looking for the right technology solutions to transform your business? Would you like your data, processes, and user experience to be included along the way? Find out about the application assessment tools and methodology that we offer to drive business results and secure sustainable growth. Together we can prepare your business for the future.

What is in it for you?

Time to assess applications for cloud readiness reduced by 60%

Time reduced for business case and cloud cost analysis by 40%

Cloud computing strategy aligned with the business strategy

Roadmap recommendations for the cloud through focused business cases

Quantitative assessment

Best practices, tools & frameworks, giving a detailed map of migration opportunities

What will we deliver?

Based on the assessment results, a migration strategy will be prepared covering all the assessment findings. Are you unsure whether your applications are suitable for a Lift & Shift approach or whether you should rather be planning Re-factoring or even Retiring? We have it covered, you will receive a suitable recommendation to ensure you know exactly what your best options are based on in-depth analysis.

  • Cloud Feasibility Analysis
  • Environment Assessment
  • Network Flow Analysis
  • Application Dependency
  • Migration plan including application move groups, migration waves
  • TCO calculation
  • Cloud Comparison
  • Business Case for the Cloud
  • Remote Support to setup Rapid Adopt

Preparation of the Cloud Governance Concept

You may ask yourself why you need a governance concept if you already have existing policies that govern on-premises IT environments? Cloud governance is an iterative process and it should complement those policies. However, the level of corporate policy integration between on-premises and the cloud varies depending on cloud governance maturity and a digital estate in the cloud. As the cloud estate changes over time, so do cloud governance processes and policies.

Cloud Governance - what is it?

A journey without a target destination is just wandering. It's important to establish a rough vision of the end state before taking the first step. Learn about the key areas of importance – each of them relates to a different type of risk you must address as you adopt cloud services.

Define Corporate Policy

Business Risks

Document evolving business risks and the business tolerance for risk, based on data classification and application criticality

Policy & Compliance

Convert Risk decisions into policy statements to establish cloud adoption boundaries


Establish processes to monitor violations and adherence to corporate policies

Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance

Cost Management

Evaluate & monitor costs, limit IT spend, scale to meet needs, create cost accountability

Security Baseline

Ensure compliance with IT Security requirements by applying a security baseline to all adoption efforts

Resource Consistency

Ensure consistency in resource configuration. Enforce practices for on-boarding, recovery, and discoverability

Identity Baseline

Ensure the baseline for identity and access is enforced by consistently applying role definitions and assignments

Deployment Acceleration

Accelerate deployment through centralization, consistency, and standardization across deployment templates

Essentially, corporate policies serve as the early warning system to detect potential problems. The disciplines help the company manage risks and create guardrails.

What is in it for you?

Maximized application availability with optimum security

Increased hardware and software deployments adherence to your company’s policies

Limited risks of data security (preventing leaks and unauthorized access)

Automated audit compliance and regulatory mandates

Increased transparency of the total cost of ownership of cloud services

What will we deliver?

We will enable you to optimize your resources and get the best out of your Cloud investment by:

  • Establishing change management protocols in the Cloud
  • Defining and rolling out IT governance best practices
  • Ensuring policy-based compliance
  • Designing and implementing a common service catalog across different cloud instances

How will we work with you?

We propose a 4 Phased end-to-end Assessment approach by leveraging our assessment framework & RapidAdopt – Cloud Readiness Framework:

1. Initiate
  • Project Kick off
  • Access Request
  • Platforms Config
  • Governance Mechanism
2. Discover
  • Scan
  • Classify
  • Analyze
3. Asses
  • Analyze gathered information (using proprietary tools / methodologies) based on Migration Evaluation Areas and dimensions
  • Information validation with each stakeholder & Operations team
4. Recommend
  • Detail out the Gap analysis report
  • Highlight the applications & server readiness for migration
  • Recommendation of Migration path
  • Finalize assessment reports within scope deliverables

Sounds interesting?

Let’s meet, talk and find the right solutions for your business.