Digital & Cloud Services

The world is changing and becoming more and more digital. The only way not to stay behind is to catch up with the future. But... How can you do it? It’s quite easy.

Our Digital & Cloud Services give you the combined expertise and power of the Deutsche Telekom Group through Telekom Europe and T-Systems to transform your business and make a leap towards tomorrow.

Our mission

Regardless of the size of your company or the sector you operate in, migration to the cloud opens the door to increased flexibility, collaboration, security, and of course cost savings. We remove the effort involved in cloud adoption.

What can we do for you?

Providing cloud solutions is the foundation of our services. We believe that cloud computing can address the vast majority of challenges posed to the IT world and help companies adapt to the dynamics of the world of data and application development. To play this vital role, cloud computing must be examined holistically where networks, infrastructure, as well as applications and processes are taken under review. We offer a standardized approach and tailor-made solutions.

Our main areas of work

Migration of client infrastructure and applications to the cloud

We focus on application, hardware and system infrastructuremigration to public cloud computing, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP. We provide advanced services enabling automated analysis & planning processes and migrationof environments from the existing architecture to or between public cloud providers. We make sure that the migration of application environments is carried out much more efficiently by using dedicated tools supporting the process.We work with the largest three providers: Microsoft, Amazon and Google, which means we’re able to provide our clients with a comparison of the cost of cloud services offered by different companies.

Evolution of a modern work environment and adaptation of the digital culture

We strongly believe in cooperation between new technologies and the user. A modern work environment is more than just the Microsoft Office 365 suite. That’s why we focus on improving current user habits related to everyday office work. We implement this with a holistic adoption program, which aims to significantly improve work efficiency thanks to the use of a wide range of Office 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, SharePoint or Power BI. By using the Microsoft 365 package, we can improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of teamwork and enable the creation of a mobile environment that allows your team to work from anywhere and on any device.

Cyber security management service

The security of every organization is the key element of its functioning. With that in mind, we offer our clients a complementary solution in which we provide both the technology and the knowledge necessary to implement an effective security policy in the form of a managed service.

End-to-end solutions

As part of the Deutsche Telekom group, we have the opportunity to offer an end-to-end solution. We try to look at the owned and implemented technology, as well as your needs, in a holistic manner. This approach enables us to also consider your business needs that go beyond the main areas of our offer.

Based on the discovery & assessment phase, the feasibility of migration to Cloud is checked and a migration roadmap is created. We take into consideration both your business and the cost priorities in the process.

We then plan, migrate and run the agreed scope. This covers network connectivity, infrastructure, and applications. Workloads and infrastructure can be moved to the cloud partially or in full. We can start with a proof of concept to establish whether your applications can be re-hosted, re-platformed, re-installed or retired, depending on the most optimal and feasible migration plan.

Once the migration is completed, you can rely on the managed services, knowledge transfer support, and regular reporting.

Our workflow

Each cooperation starts with a dialogue. By determining the needs and developing usage scenarios, we learn about our client’s business. Together, we generate ideas and analyze whether they correlate with the company’s goals, usage and cost-optimization. As a result, we fuel your success through innovation and digital delivery end to end.

We implement projects using the Agile methodology.

Our work is based on the following steps:


We start by analyzing the current state of your environment, which results in a report containing a recommendation of infrastructure changes necessary to adapt in order to bring on the cloud solutions.


Based on the analysis, we select the best solution and propose a path for the development of digital transformation in your organization.


Our architects design a tailor-made solution, relevant to your business and properly manage the risk of implementation.


We know that technical implementation is just the beginning of the road, so while implementing the project, we focus on the human side of change. Our experts support you in the process of adaptation, change management and communication.


After implementation, we re-analyze your production environment, which allows us to create optimization scenarios for the future.

Why should you choose to work with us?

We care about your business and we want to help you accelerate it. We prepare you for tomorrow - today.

Rich Industry Experience and Tools
  • End-to-end service from infrastructure to business processes
  • Single vendor from connectivity, on-premise solutions to the cloud
  • Operation support 24/7, industry leading SLA guarantee on multi-tenant infrastructure
One Stop Shop
  • Industry and vertical specific solutions
  • Focused hybrid cloud approach and expertise
  • High-end tools & framework for best-in-class service
Robust Partner Ecosystem
  • Seamless move to best-in-class cloud provider
  • Institutional knowledge of public cloud constructs & architecture vs. existing on-premise architecture
  • Registered Tier 1 cloud service provider Microsoft Azure with the capability to manage end-to-end customer lifecycle

Sounds interesting?

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